Strip brushes can be manufactured in two ways:

Filament or bristle is evenly distributed into a metal channel, the filament or bristle is secured in the channel by wire which is held in place by closing the sides of the channel. The channel is either aluminium or galvanised steel.

Strip brushes can also be manufactured by using stapling tufts of bristle into pre-drilled holes of wood, polypropylene, nylon or rubber.

Strip brushes are versatile and have a number of applications: sealing, conveyor cleaning, surface cleaning, surface roughening, dusting, product separation or transfer, tensioning devices, static dissipation, external or internal pipe cleaning, filter or screen cleaning, glass washing or fruit or vegetable washing.

Printing & Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing Plants, Pest Control, Conveyor Cleaning and as a Spray Suppressant, Robotics, Machine Guarding, Dust & Door Seals,Grass & Turf Maintenance, Conveyor Cleaning Brushes and Other Industrial Applications

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