Rotary Brushes can be manufactured in 2 ways; namely staple set or tufted and spiral wound.

Staple or tufted rotary brushes are manufactured by stapling knots of filament or bristle  into pre-drilled holes.  The pre-drilled holes can be staggered with parallel or spiral rows.

Brushes that are required to do lighter work generally have a more open pitch and brushes which are required to do heavier work have a more closed pitch to create a more dense brush.

The shorter the trim the more abrasive the brush and the brush can be used for brushing; a longer trim gives more of a sweeping effect.

Spiral wound rotary brushes are manufactured by winding strip brushes on to a shaft or a core.

As above, the closer the pitch the denser the brush.

We offer various types of filament or bristle.  Please click HERE for more information regarding bristle.

Some applications of rotary brushes include wiping, cleaning, polishing, waxing and guiding.

Industries include printing and packaging, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, conveyor cleaning, mining and other industrial uses.

Some examples of rotary brushes:

Example 1

Example 4

Example 7

Example 2

Example 5

Example 8

Example 3