John Gray & Son has a large variety of window cleaning equipment.  Please contact us on 041 453 2151 or email us –

 35cm Window Squeegee
Comes with channel & rubber

Window Cleaning Kit
Sponge, telepole, scraper &  handle, washer, 3 x channel & rubbers, crank joint, channel with 10 blades, 92cm rubber

Telepole Extendable handle
2 x 1.25m, 2 x 2m, 2 x 3m, 3 x 3m

35cm T Bar
Replacement T Bar

Curved Pipe Brush
Attaches to end of telepole

Replacement Rubber
71cm and 92cm
Vulcanised natural rubber

35cm Window Washer
Comes with a sleeve

Plastic Garage Squeegee
20cm with a 35cm handle
Mostly used by garage stations
(Only comes in blue)

Window Squeegee Extendable
20cm x 1.1m (ext handle)
20cm x 2.1m (ext handle)

Ambo Vice Versa
30cm (Squeegee and washer)

Squeegee Channel & Rubber
35cm and 45cm

Window Scraper & Blades
100mm x 24mm x 9 mm
Comes with 10 blades

35cm Washer Sleeve
Replacement sleeve

Pro Handle
Replacement Pro handle
14cm x 9.5cm x 3.5cm
Stainless Steel

30cm Plastic Window Squeegee
30cm x 17.3cm x 4cm

Crank Joint
Attaches to end of telepole

The end cone for a telepole

Window Scraper
Replacement Blades
10 per pack