All brushware available in 6 colours

  • Conforms to HACCP standards
  • Assists with the prevention of cross-contamination Ideal for food preparation, dairies, catering concerns and hospitals
  • Enforces higher cleaning standards Brush components are resistant to solvents and chemicals
  • Stainless steel staples are used in brushware to prevent toxic rust Heat resistant to 121?C required for disinfection
  • Manufactured in South Africa

Tinta Hygiene Head
300 / 450 mm  Hard / Soft

Tinta Handle
Moulded Top & Bottom Plug

Tinta Slimline Scrub
Hard / Soft

Tinta Floor Squeegee
500mm / All Colours

Tinta Deck Scrub
300mm Hard

Tinta Long Handle Scrub
Hard / Soft

Tinta 175mm Scrub
Hard / Soft

Tinta Truck Wash Broom
300mm / Soft Flagged Bristle

Tinta Handle
Moulded Top & Bottom Thread

Tinta Short Handle Scrub
Hard / Soft

Tinta Nail Brush
All Colours