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image We Advise:

Our team has over 25 years experience in the Brushware business. This knowledge helps us to guide and advise our customers in terms of their requirements. We can assist you regarding the type and design of the brush and the materials that are available.


image We Customize:

Building a machine that requires a brush, we can assist. Needing a conveyor cleaning system, we can assist. Have a machine that makes use of brushes and you need a replacement, we can assist. Have a machine or area that you need to clean or seal, we can assist.


image We Manufacture:

Our Technical Department machine is responsible for the machining on most of our brushes. Our team to offer a number of solutions including keyways and interlocking brush systems. Brushes are then manufactured on our state of the art machinery. Our machines drill, fill and trim.

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John Gray & Son was established in 1908 and is considered a pioneer in the South African brush and cleaning industry.

In 1975 the business was bought by Benjamin Gluckman and is now owned by the Gluckman family. The company has made great strides since the early days of hand-made brushes. John Gray has developed sophisticated brush-making machinery and techniques to cater for the most specialised customer needs.

Our primary objective is to consistently deliver high quality products at competitive prices. John Gray & Son has a skilled workforce, our employees, some of whom are third generation, contribute to our continued success.

Specialist product knowledge, a wide product range of competitively priced products and integrity has made John Gray & Son a trusted and professional manufacturer and distributor in the market.

Our success is rooted in our ability to provide both quality products and innovative solutions. Reliable and trusted distribution partners have made it possible for John Gray & Son to grow its national footprint.

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Brushing for Solutions: QA and Expert Answers


Brushes can be used to remove dirt, dust and residue from the surfaces which include machines, conveyor belts and products.

Brushes can be used to manage the speed of a production line by slowing or stopping products.

Brushes can be used to clean various types of conveyor belts from mining to food production.

Brushes can be used to deburr surfaces and edges to ensure these are smooth and residue free.

Brushes can be used to dry surfaces and products such as fruit an

Brushes can be used to attach material like labels to products.